Family Service Agency Celebrates 60th Anniversary

Family Service Agency Celebrates 60th Anniversary

 David Bianchi, Executive Director welcomed everyone to the organization’s Anniversary Bash at the Seascape Golf Club to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the agency, the 50th anniversary of the Daisy Auxiliary and the anniversary of many of its programs.

 Deb Abbott, a founding member of WomenCARE, spoke about the lack of support services for women fighting cancer and the passion behind their start 25 years ago.  Amy Pine, a founding member of Survivors Healing Center, told the story of their beginning 30 years ago and how no one was addressing the needs of victims of child sexual abuse and the devastating lifelong impact of that kind of trauma. Elisa Breton, FSA Board President spoke about other agency programs: I-You Venture, including Ageless Art and Holiday Helpers, celebrating 40 years, Senior Outreach celebrating 50 years, Suicide Prevention Service celebrating 50 years and Counseling Services celebrating 60 years. These programs address a broad range of needs including the isolation of care facility residents, seniors impacted by the transitions of aging, people at high risk of suicide and individuals and families needing help with parenting, marital issues and family conflict.

 The current board officers for FSA were recognized: Elisa Breton, President, Dan Rutan, Vice-President and Chuck Maffia, Secretary-Treasurer. The rest of the Board members: Vince Hurley, Bonnie Breda, Loretta Ferris and the newest board members Sarah Caldwell and Samuel Pun were introduced.

 The current co-managers of the Daisy Gloria Dioszegi and Bonnie Breda were recognized and Bay Nigh Alexander, one of the founding members of the Daisy Auxiliary, shared her observations on the beginning of the Auxiliary and the changing social and business climate of the sixties and downtown Santa Cruz. The Daisy was born of those times thanks to Bay and her co-founders, Margey Lezin, Sue Wilson and Marilyn Huxtable. Along with other early members, they had a desire to help a still very small Family Service Agency trying to meet some of the needs of local residents.

 Jan Beautz was given the Honorary Life Board Member award. Jan passed away in September after serving 30 years on the FSA Board of Directors having joined in June of 1987.  She left an important public legacy for her district and the county and a legacy for the clients of Family Service.  Jan was also an important contributor to the Holiday Helpers project for I-You Venture buying many gifts each year for care facility residents. Jan’s husband Mike and sons Luke and Matt were in attendance. A new agency award was established for a person in the public or private sector who has dedicated their life to serve the public good and will be called the Jan Beautz Award for Public Service.

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