Holiday Helper

FSA Holiday HelperThe Season of Giving

Become a Holiday Helper by giving to the often forgotten care facility residents throughout our community.

I-You Venture’s Holiday Helpers generously purchase, wrap and label each gift – male or female, including the size if clothing, ready for delivery to the care facility residents.

Gifts Suggestions: Male & female, socks, slippers, shirts, lap blankets, combs, brushes, cards, games, calendars, stuffed animals, unscented lotions, necklaces, etc.

For further information call at 831-459-8917 x205


We’d like to thank our Supporters!

FSA Holiday Helper Recipient

Dixie Banks
Jan Beautz
Mardell Carman
Sharon Dirnberger
Terry Dorsey
Debbie Faler
Rita Flores
Anne Friscia
Carol Fuller
Pamela Goodman
Chris Harmon
Anneliese Hawthorne
Judith Jensen
Judith Johnansson
Charmaine Kelly
Carmen Mardell
Jennifer & Dante Massaro
Jackie & Bill McDow
Betty Mello
Karen & Tom Merchant
Chris Miller
Francie Newfield
Esther O’Brien
Judi Paap
Patricia Pimentel
Marie Powell
Sue Punches
Karena Pushnik
Dan & Vicki Rutan
Melinda Roy
Barbara Salata
Judy Scarabello
Roselee Schelstraete
Judi Tessier

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