Job Listing: Clinical Supervisor



Working in collaboration with WomenCARE program director, the clinical supervisor is responsible for:

  • Recruiting, training, supervising, and supporting volunteer support group
  • Maintaining a warm, supportive, and collaborative environment for group
  • Providing guidance to help facilitators work with each other in dealing with grief and loss; group dynamics; difficult clients; cultural competence; the interplay between personal life, including personal experience of cancer, and the role of being a facilitator


  • Recruit, interview, and select volunteer support group facilitator candidates
  • Provide orientation and training for new facilitators
  • Arrange and facilitate monthly support group meetings for group facilitators; coordinate logistics via em Order and pick up lunch for this meeting.
  • Provide support and consultation to group facilitators by phone, email, and in person, particularly in cases where a group member is in crisis or when a group member’s appropriateness for group is in question, or when group process has become difficult
  • Communicate with facilitators and staff about support group attendance and about the status of groups, e., whether or not they are closed, or full, or can accept new members.
  • Maintain contact with the office regarding the need/requests for additional groups; conduct community outreach to find facilitators for new groups; and provide training to those new facilitators
  • Provide as-needed consultation, evaluation, and referral for WomenCARE clients with psychological concerns
  • When needed, support staff in assessing clients’ ability to benefit from groups; help process difficult interactions between potential clients and staff.


  • Methods of support group facilitation.
  • General information regarding cancer diagnoses, treatments, and integrative m THIS CAN BE LEARNED.
  • Social, emotional, spiritual, and physical implications of catastrophic illness
  • Offering therapeutic support to both groups and individuals who are experiencing the grief and losses associated with a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and associated life changes.
  • Working with women and their families, the public, health professionals, and the press.


  • Program planning and implementation
  • Recruitment, training, evaluation, and supervision of volunteers
  • Outreach to varied communities of women
  • Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships and collaborations with the volunteer support group facilitators, peer counselors, office volunteers and staff.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with families of clients, volunteers, and the public, including people from different racial, ethnic, and cultural groups and from different backgrounds and lifestyles



  • A combination of education, skill, and experience that provides the skill, knowledge, and abilities listed
  • Masters degree in social work or psychology, plus clinical license: LCSW, MFT, licensed psychologist, etc.
  • Two years of BBS-licensed clinical experience


Up to 10 hours per month, more when needed for trainings.


Independent contractor. Up to $30/hour, depending upon education and experience.

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