If You Have Lost Someone to Suicide

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Losing someone to suicide can be painful, confusing, and overwhelming. Grieving the suicide of a loved one is different than grieving other kinds of loss. You may feel alone, and may not know where to turn for support. You may not realize that there are other survivors who are suffering too. You may be looking for others who have had your experience to help you through your healing process. You do not have to struggle with this alone – there is support available.

Support Groups

Meeting Of Support GroupYou can join a peer support group whether the person you lost was a friend, family member, co-worker, student, or other relationship. It doesn’t matter if your loss was in the past or happened recently; we welcome you to join us in a shared process of healing.

No one can “get over” loss. However, you can find your way through the grief process and heal with support. It is very common (and can be very risky) to become isolated while grieving. People in our survivors’ support groups report that attending group can:

  • Reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Create safety for participants to explore and express feelings without judgment.
  • Empower participants to access the resources to help themselves and to be of help to others.
  • Encourage group members to discover that they are not alone, and that survival and healing is possible.

Support groups meet in Santa Cruz County and in Monterey County. Please call our offices at 831-459-9373 to learn how to join a group. Currently our groups are for adults 18 and over; please call us to learn about resources for youth.

Individual Counseling & Community Resource Referrals

concerned-hispanic-coupleWhether you are a young person or an adult, we can help you connect with a qualified and caring individual counselor or other grief support service provider. Many people who attend the support group also find it helpful to get individual counseling or other types of support. We encourage you to build a strong support system and will assist you in finding helpful resources.

If you are concerned about someone else who has lost a loved one, please call for information, materials, and guidelines on how to help them through this painful loss.

For more information about support groups, counseling referrals, and helpful information and materials for you and others in your life, please call our administrative office at 831-459-9373.

24-Hour Suicide Crisis Line
Toll-free: 1-877-663-5433 (ONE LIFE)
Local: 831-458-5300
Serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties