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 The California Mental Health Services Authority—CalMHSA

CalMHSACalMHSA is an organization of county governments working to improve mental health outcomes for individuals, families and communities. CalMHSA operates services and education programs on a statewide, regional and local basis. CalMHSA’s three initial mental health programs are statewide initiatives for Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI), and are aimed at improving student mental health, eliminating and/or reducing suicides, stigma and resulting discrimination. These initiatives, in which Suicide Prevention Service of prop-63-logothe Central Coast is a partner, are designed to shift California’s mental health services approach to meet the needs of our diverse communities and reach individuals before they reach the crisis point. Programs are paid for through the voter-approved Mental Health Services Act (Proposition 63), an up-front investment that will pay off with sustained cost reductions in health, social services, education and criminal justice programs.

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County of Monterey cities:
Salinas, Carmel, Sand City, King City, Del Rey Oaks, Gonzales, Greenfield, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, and Soledad

County of San Benito cities:
Hollister, San Juan Bautista

County of Santa Cruz cities:
Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Scotts Valley, Capitola

Also thank you to:
Yellow Brick Road Foundation
Monterey Peninsula Volunteer Services
Counties of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito

24-Hour Suicide Crisis Line
Toll-free: 1-877-663-5433 (ONE LIFE)
Local: 831-458-5300
Serving Monterey, Santa Cruz, and San Benito Counties