Community Services

Lending Library

We offer a free library of current books, tapes, and videos, some available in Spanish. Typically we are available Monday through Friday. Please call us at 831-423-6701 to arrange a time to visit.


Workshops are full- or half-day events, free or low-cost for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, where a variety of healing topics are explored. You will build skills and connections that can contribute to the process of therapeutic work.

Trainings for Service Providers

“Creating Safe Communities: A Training on Child Sexual Abuse” is an invaluable tool that will strengthen organizational understanding of the topic. Our uniquely designed program will help you to identify and work more effectively with survivors of child abuse. It is designed for religious institutions, substance abuse programs, schools, medical institutions, group homes, agencies involved in criminal justice, and human service organizations.

Caring 4 Kids

The purpose of Caring 4 Kids is to end child sexual abuse by raising community awareness and understanding of the issue.  Children have a right to be protected from abuse. Too many children are sexually abused in our county every day, often by trusted people that are familiar to them. Approximately 90% of children are sexually abused by someone they know.

Our goal is to increase the conversation and engagement in the community about how to collaboratively prevent child sexual abuse. The sexual violence and abuse of our children has to end. We want information about child sexual abuse to be provided wherever it is needed to keep our community’s children safe.  Outreach materials and prevention programs should be available to all schools, youth programs, the faith-based community, social service organizations, medical offices, parents and families.

Please call us at 831-423-7601 to learn more about any of these services.