Volunteers are at the heart of WomenCARE;
they make it possible for us to survive and thrive.

WomenCARE Volunteers

Through their generous donations of time and talent, we are able to offer a wide array of FREE services to women with cancer as well as their families and friends.  If you have any of the skills listed below, or other ways to be of help, please call us now to join our team: 831-457-2273.

I continue to be enriched and inspired by the women I have worked with at WomenCARE, and I’ve made a lot of good friends too.

Silvia B.
Cancer Survivor & Volunteer

  • Certified Bodywork Practitioners: Massage, energy work, acupuncture, yoga, and related services
  • Licensed Body Care Providers: Facials, hair care, and nutritional consultations
  • Office Assistants (4 hours a week minimum): Support on the telephone, resource referral for clients, work on special projects, and help with general maintenance of services
  • Practical Support Helpers (1 to 3 hours a week): Provide meals, child care, transportation, light housekeeping, and related practical support for women receiving cancer treatment
  • Sisters Offering Support (SOS): Trained cancer survivors offering one-on-one peer support to newly diagnosed women with any kind of cancer
  • Speakers Bureau: Trained speakers offering education and outreach to the community
  • Support Group Facilitators (4 to 8 hours a month): Volunteers need not be licensed therapists to provide structure and guidance in groups where women with cancer explore their feelings and receive understanding support.
  • Special Events and Special Projects

Transportation volunteers are always in great demand!