Welcome to WomenCARE
A safe haven where women with any type of cancer
find mutual support, shared experiences, and open hearts.

WomenCARE HomeWe provide cancer advocacy, resources, education, and support to women, their families and friends, and healthcare practitioners at each stage of the journey: diagnosis, healing, surviving, or dying.

WomenCARE is directed and led primarily by women with cancer or a cancer history. We respect and depend upon the wisdom that comes from a diversity of cultures, economic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientations, and physical ability levels. We acknowledge cancer as a complicated disease that strikes at random, as a disease that can weave innumerable changes into women’s lives. We believe that no woman is to blame for getting cancer; and we honor the unique relationship each individual has to the disease.

We hope these pages will help you learn about the opportunities we provide.  We invite you to join us as a client or to get involved as a volunteer.